Mary Easty And Tituba Analysis

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Life has changed so much since the times of witch trials that it is difficult to believe they are real. The writings of Mary Easty and Tituba are hard for me to take seriously because the stories and claims seem so outrageous to me. I found myself wondering how modern court trails, judges, and lawyers would handle these claims. I also wonder why some people volunteered as being guilty of witchcraft or even entertained the idea of being somehow involved in witchcraft. Tituba’s story really made me wonder why she said everything that she did. Did she simply make stuff up or is there some truths behind some of her words? Did she have a motive for outing Sarah Good and Sarah Osbourne as witches and confessing to the tormenting of little girls? Could it be possible that pretending to be involved in supernatural powers or witchcraft provided thrill and excitement in an otherwise sad, boring, and oppressed life? The witch trials, as wells as Anne Hutchins trial prove how important and powerful religion was at the time. Anne Hutchinson was put on trial for heresy after criticizing a puritan leader and his teachings during one…show more content…
Both women pretend, for some time, to be male pirates. The reading does not mention the women having many difficulties living as men. This makes me wonder how the social norms of women and men became so different. If women could do the same tasks as men then why were they treated differently? I also wonder how many other women pretended to be men and for what reasons. Mary Read simply embrace the identity of a male after her mother dressed her as a boy. Anne Bonny was also dressed as boy as a child and I think that also encouraged her to embrace the male lifestyle. I did think it was ironic that both Read and Bonny used the excuse of being pregnant to avoid execution, so in some ways their being women was actually an advantage to
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