Mary Grace: A Short Story

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‘Attack,’ read the newspaper, for the past few months attacks had raged throughout the Boston Bay area on storekeepers. This worried Mary Grace because her father was a storekeeper just like them, and he sold the British tea. The most recent attack sent a chill through all the royalists in Boston, the man was killed for selling British tea. But, despite the attacks and her worry, Mary Grace still managed to be a happy 13 year old girl. Mary Grace had a lot to be happy about at the moment. She had good marks in school, a best friend, Anne Pinewood, who she did everything with, and her whole family was safe and healthy at the moment. Her brother, Tommy, although he was spoiled, was still a nice playful boy. Her mother, though she rarely smiled, was…show more content…
My parents didn’t want to risk either of you getting hurt in the aftermath of the attack on the way home.” “Alright, we better hurry,” Mary Grace said. All three children ran the rest of the way home and hide their faces when they past Mr.Ibling’s store for fear of being attacked. When they got home Father escorted Anne the rest of the way back to her house to make sure she was safe. By the time he got back home Mama, had gotten word on Mr.Ibling, he was really beaten up but was going to live to tell the tale. “Alright kids,” said Father, “After the recent attacks Mr.Pinewood and I thought it would be best if he and I walked you to and from school everyday so as to make sure you don’t get hurt.” “Yes Father,” Mary Grace and Tommy replied, both sighing in relief. The next day Mr.Pinewood came to walk Tommy, Anne and Mary Grace to school. When they got their Mr.Pinewood said his goodbyes and told us to stay safe. The kids nodded their heads and entered the school building. Once they were inside all the kids were talking about the attack on Mr.Ibling and who they thought was next and some the Bash
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