Mary Jane Carey Research Paper

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Mary Jane Carey of Holly Hill Designs Mary Jane Carey will totally admit to being a gypsy. Or a being an old hippy. Or both. Either way, she has had a fascinating life story that has led her to the delightful road of being one of the designers for Henry Glass. Mary Jane started her quilting adventures in Western Massachusetts in 1970. There were no nearby quilt shops or fabric stores in the area. Mary Jane was determined to quilt, so she bought sheets at the local discount store, cut them up, and sewed them together. She learned her basic quilting skills by observing her great grandmother create quilts, for the rooming house she owned. On each of the beds was a handmade quilt for the travelers that stayed there. Mary Jane, instinctively, knew she…show more content…
Mary Jane’s putting down of roots has allowed her living room to warehouse some 2000 bolts of fabric. Mary Jane inexhaustible energy and drive are evident in her 155 traveling days for shows all around the country. “It’s part of my Norwegian upbringing,” she says, “I am genetically inclined to be a hard worker.” Several years ago, Lisa Loessel, Design Director, for Henry Glass & Co., Inc. approached Mary Jane Carey at the fall Quilt Market. Lisa was keen to Mary Jane’s design style, her knack for color and merchandising sensibilities. Mary Jane after that received an invitation to design a fabric collection for Henry Glass. She now had fabric created to complement the quilt patterns designs she sold through her Holly Hill Quilt Designs Company. That was several fabric collections ago. Mary Jane’s, fabric designs reflect a shabby chic hinging on the romantic style, capitalizing on her love affair with color. Her popular collections include Journey to Versailles, Peaceful Garden, Purely Christmas, and most recently Reindeer Magic. I love all the photos they are fun
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