Case Study Of The Event Management Company

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Business idea
There are many business ideas that I have thought of and there is a business venture that I have engaged or involved my effort in. Among such ideas is the marketing of a product called Mary Kay Cosmetic Product and the other idea is to engage in an Event Management Company.
The Mary Kay cosmetic product comprises of cream, lipstick, powder, soap, and other skin nourishing ingredients (Mary Kay, n.d.). Meanwhile, the idea of the Event Management Company is a service company design to facilitate a successful management of events from start to finish for individuals, governmental and corporate entities. We undertake social, sporting, and charity events and ensure maximum satisfaction of service for our customers.
1) Create the beginning
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First, we attract organizations, groups, individuals, governmental, and non-governmental bodies by making contact with the core of each organization. Leaders of organization do have the influence on decisions to purchase products or patronize our services. Similarly, customers who use our cosmetics products make decisions by contacting those that have used our products for confirmation. This information passes from one customer to another in the form of a buzz. As a customer attests to the benefits of products to other customers, then, they are able to reach an informed decision. This is even beneficial for our company’s advertisement process. Furthermore, we help customers made decisions by introducing discount coupon at various intervals and introduce promotional events that entice their mind to make purchase decisions. This process facilitates how customers make decisions to patronize our products and services. Additionally, because customers enjoy high-quality products and services, we ensure to provide quality services to customers with an attractive…show more content…
For instance, if a company is planning a cocktail event for its executives, our Event Management Company guarantees efficient preparations that ensure quality arrangement to satisfy guests. While our Mary Kay products are immensely important to beauty people outward appearances, our customers enjoy how it brings their beauty and radiance to reality. Essentially, customers may not be able to live without our products because it is designed for daily usage. For example, almost, if not everyone uses cream, makeup, and powder on a daily basis. Additionally, perfumes are in a high demand so it is imperative for customers to patronize these products
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