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There are various products I anticipate selling with ease in my community. However, there is one ideal product that would quickly and constantly be in demand, depending on the effective public relations and advertisement implemented to showcase the product. The product is a beauty cosmetic called ‘Mary Kay’ cosmetic. Mary Kay Cosmetics is a beauty product used by both men and women but it is essentially synonymous with women because the product has feminine values- to create beauty and lighten the skin complexion. Mary Kay products include face makeup, powder, lipsticks, Body cream and other essential ingredients.
In an attempt to understand the market and customers for this product, I will carry out a secondary market research which Involves
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Although the product is meant for both men and women, but women seem to patronize Mary Kay cosmetics more than their men counterpart. This could be because women care more about their outward appearance and often prefer to look beautiful than men do. However, the rates at which I will attract my customer depend entirely on the ability to market the product. So, in a nutshell, my customers are more of middle class urban working women and the target age of these customers would be from 22 years upward. I have decided to target this age group because from around this age, women are really enthusiastic about their appearance and from this age, they would have likely completed their education and join the working class. Apparently, they can affordably buy the products and services that I intend to introduce to them. Although women are my main target or market segment that does not in any way indicate that I will not the products to their male counterpart who will serve as a back up to the main targeted…show more content…
First, because they are middle class working women, the best place to find them is the grocery stores during weekends so I would advertise the product in the grocery store bulletin. Another way to attract women is by advertising the product in a stylish shop where more women visit. There is the possibility of stocking some quantity of the product in the stylish store so that when customers come in, they can have access to the product. Furthermore, I will attract customers through a systematic advertising of using special coupon information mail service to reach them at home. With this advertising, I would be sure that more customers are informed about the product (Hopkins,

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