Mary Kom Film Analysis

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Feminism in Bollywood films -Mary kom 2014

Mary kom- The life of Indian boxer Mary kom, who went through several hardships before she fulfills her dreams.
Mary kom movie is a real life story of a boxing champion from a remote village in Manipur, her hard work, struggles, and eventual success combine as the ingredients of success. Mary kom certainly presents an effort on part of its cast and crew , to showcase a talented sportsperson who has done her country proud. Omung kumar is the director of the film Mary kom. He successfully directed the scenes, how mary kom crossed hurdles in her life.
The movie inspires women to fight and emerge triumphant in a male-dominated world. A girl 's determination to pursue a sport despite her father 's disapproval. In the movie her father will be not known about the boxing game that she played in her village. She joins for the coaching classes nearby in her village. The master over their also makes fun of mary kom about the game. Mary kom repeatedly after going to him he makes her join the coaching classes. In the beginning mary kom was enthusiastic about the game. she left all her work and practices boxing, looking at mary koms sprit coach gifts gloves. Her father was against her playing boxing.

Choosing a career in boxing is always a tough challenge for any woman. May be the situation in North-east India is different but her choice could have

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