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In London, England, on February 6, 1913, Mary Douglas Leakey was born. Her original name was Mary Douglas Nicol. She had no siblings and two parents who were Erskine Nicol, a scenery painter, and Cecilia Frere Nicol. Due to her father’s work, the family moved frequently. Quite a bit of her initial adolescence was gone through voyaging abroad with her parents through mostly Europe and some parts of Africa. This made her develop a dedication both for prehistory and drawing. Mary’s powerful fondness for animals was introduced, which was a significant part her life, when her and her family spent some time in the home of her mother’s aunt and grandmother, during World War I. When the war ended the Leakey family proceeded with its yearly cycle of European travel.
From a young age, Mary had the opportunity to experience life in many towns and countries, including Switzerland, Italy, and France. While living in France, she was exposed to archaeology and Paleolithic
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Mary Leakey began to review and attended university lectures in archaeology, prehistory, and geology, at a University and Museum of London. Even though she never had a full formal education, she worked as a scientific illustrator. Her drawings for The Desert Fayoum, a book by a friend and anthropologist, made her encounter Louis Leakey in 1933 at Cambridge. Mary accepted Louis 's request in wanting her to do, the drawings for his book, Adam 's Ancestors. After that she started an affair with him, despite the fact, that Louis had a child and a wife who was pregnant. Mary went to Africa with Louis on his next trip, and when they returned, she lived with him. Following his divorce in early 1963, from the affair, Mary and Louis were married in the late 1936. A few years later, they had three children. Every one of them got to be involved in fossil
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