Mary Lewis Wyche Essay

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Being the oldest of seven kids and the absents of dad being around has forced me to step up and help out the family. While doing that I was able to finish high school and still attend college. Since I was a young girl my inspiration was to become a nurse and being able to help other and making a difference in other people’s life everyday. A person who reminds me a lot of me and has inspired me to continue going to school and not letting anything get in the way is Mary Lewis Wyche. She was born in Henderson in Vance County. Wyche wanted to be a nurse all her life, but because of family obligation and no nursing school in her state, she had to move to chase her dream in Philadelphia. She graduated from General Hospital Training school in 1894.…show more content…
Even though it was around the time of world war I she didn’t just stop at getting her degree, but continued to write to the government for funding and building well established nursing program for woman. With the collaboration of Birdie Dunn, they introduce the idea of State Nurses Association that lead to its opening in 1913. Because of her braveness and contribution to the community, she inspired so many people especially me to fight for what you believe in. At the time when founding the NCNA, it was difficult to have all race come together, so they had separate association going on at the time, the African American nurses who was led by Carrie Early and the other one who was led by Wyche’s. It was illegal for the both group to come together in public places as segregation was occurring. In 1920, both of the organization untied and became one association known as NCNA. Till today the North Carolina Nurses Association (NCNA) is still running because of Wyche. Wyche ended her legacy by writing the only book on the history of nursing in North Carolina. Just from reading about her legacy, she has inspired and motived nurses around the world to continue the work she started and continue fighting no matter what comes their
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