Typhoid Mary Soper Analysis

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This is the story of a woman named Mary Mallot. She was the immigrant from Ireland and lived in New York at the end of the 19th century. She is better known for her other name - Typhoid Mary. Mary was a healthy carrier of the typhoid disease. During the time when she worked as a cook, she infected 47 people, 3 of them died. Mary spent 26 years in isolation on North Brother Island, where she died at the age of 69. She never admitted that she had given typhoid to all these people. It is a sad story where it is hard to say what is right and what is wrong. Can one person 's life be sacrificed in order to save others? In reality, Mary was released after two years of incarceration. What made her go back to cooking and infecting more people with…show more content…
He found Mary and discovered that she was a healthy carrier of typhoid. To prove his theory, he needed to take her specimens. Being a sanitation engineer George Soper did not have the power to take Mary 's specimens without her will. In order to do that Soper needed the power of NYC Health Commissioner. The Commissioner had the right to stop the spreading of the disease using science and tools of public health. That includes vaccinating the workers, confining the infected houses, and forcing to quarantine those who would not comply on the islands of New York. That is what happened to Mary Mallon. Sha was seized and taken to the hospital without compliance. Later on, she was deported to North Brother Island, where she spent two years of incarceration. It is the example of inform of decision where clinician has all the essential information to make a decision that is in the patient 's best interest, conveys decision as a clear unambiguous action or order. But in the case of Mary, NYC Health Commissioner had to protect the community in which she was spreading typhoid. Mary was informed that she was a healthy carrier of typhoid and that by cooking she infected other people. Since she refused to give up cooking and overall did not believe to be the cause of typhoid, NYC Health Department did not have any choice but to put her in quarantine to protect the…show more content…
The woman was tracked down, seized and kept on the island when she was a healthy person who did not do anything wrong. Mary did infect people with typhoid, but at the time of her first imprisonment, she did not know about it. After she was incarcerated, 50 more healthy carriers of typhoid were found but nobody got imprisoned. When Mary was captured to collect her specimens, she was taken to the hospital for the poor. She was a healthy woman, but they kept her in the room with sick people. Clearly, if that happened to somebody from a middle or upper class, public health officials would treat them in a different way. At that time people believed that immigrants were the source of the disease and nobody really cared about them, public health officials only wanted to stop the spreading of the disease. The authorities looked at her as a poor immigrant who does not any children or husband to protect her. It is not ethically correct and we need to make sure that nobody will be mistreated because of their sex, social or immigration
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