Mr. Mary Maloney Analysis

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Picture this. You are at home, waiting for your significant other to return from a long of work. They open the door and you rush to greet them. But when you reach them you are rebuffed. How would you feel? You may find this strange but attribute it to them simply being tired. You sit down with them and then they deliver the news, you mean nothing to them and they are going to leave. If you are like any normal person then you would feel a mixture of emotions; fear, anger, sadness. This is unlikely right? Well, for Mrs. Mary Maloney, that is exactly what happened one night. It is undeniable that Mrs. Maloney killed her husband, so what should she be charged with? I proposed to you, the jury, that Mrs. Mary Maloney is guilty of voluntary manslaughter.…show more content…
Maloney is innocent would have you believe that she suffered from diminished capacity or was even insane. While it is true that she was emotionally unbalanced during this whole process, even laughing when the detectives ate the weapon; anyone would be shaken up by what she went through. And after suffering so much sorrow, anger, and shock, a small comment such as “I’m sure the weapon is right under our very noses,” might seem funny; especially since this quote is quite ironic for her current situation. They may also say that her hormones are causing her to be unable to control her actions, but this is untrue. Instead, they simply cause her emotions to be more extreme; the highs are higher and the lows are lower. Finally, they may say she was the victim of a crime committed by Patrick. The only crime Patrick could possibly committed that would allow such brutal retaliation would be if he was someone posing a real threat to Mary or someone else. But this is impossible because we know he was attacked from behind and posed no physical danger to anyone. As you have seen, Mary killed her husband in an act of rage while under extreme circumstances. In her anger, she was unable to control herself and killed him. The death of Patrick Maloney was a tragic accident but nonetheless, Mary Maloney must pay. I urge you, just jury members, to examine the evidence for yourselves and find Mrs. Mary Maloney guilty of voluntary manslaughter. I know it is not the easy thing to do, but it is the right thing to
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