How Did Mary Maloney Get Lamb To The Slaughter

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Lamb to the Slaughter

Do you think someone should go to jail for killing their husband even when they go crazy? This is what happened with Mary Maloney. She got herself all worked up because her husband was leaving. She went completely psycho, which led to killing him.

Mary Maloney should not go to jail. She went mentally crazy needs to get help. You should not put a pregnant woman in jail anyways. She should go to a doctor and get help. Should she ever do this again you can rethink the consequences.

Now I know what you are thinking,”well, she did kill her husband.” Yes, but before all of this she was a good woman. She would have never thought about doing this. She loved her husband but something snapped in her head and made her go crazy.
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The reasons are that she went psycho, She is pregnant, and she has never committed something this bad in her life. She needs to get help from a doctor so something like this will never happen
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