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As said by the illustrious Hungarian poet, Péter Zilahy,“You have to make choices even when there is nothing to choose from.” The following quote is constructed in a seemingly insoluble case, with no materialistic evidence found. Despite having no concrete testimony, Mary Maloney should still be found guilty for the cruel murder of her unsuspecting husband due to circumstantial evidence, including her previous outburst of pure anger, and her odd and abnormal behavior that night. Both circumstances support and indicate Mary carried out the murder of Patrick. On what appeared to be an ordinary night, things took an abrupt turn for the worst. Mary Maloney sat awaiting her husband’s arrival home from a stressful day at work. As stated by the observant…show more content…
Maloney. As reported by officials on the scene, Mary acted strange and weary the entire search. For example, as stated by the police, Mrs.Maloney uncommonly had no interest in moving to a more comfortable location while the examination took place. Mary suffered from anxiety due to her recent acts, thus resulting in her bizarre manner. Officers also concluded Mary asked peculiar questions that night. For instance, Mary oddly asked for her and the other detectives to indulge in a fine glass of whiskey. In addition, she begged the officers to consume the leg of lamb in the oven. Both occurrences demonstrate the unconventional behavior based on Mary’s pure anxiety. Overall, Mrs.Maloney’s unorthodox questions and behavior signify she had slaughtered Patrick…show more content…
The following argument is completely false and incorrect. Numerous pieces of shattered glass, as well as other broken materials, were covered in Mrs. Maloney’s fingerprints as stated by officers. Also, after an extensive examination, no fingerprints of anyone other than Mr. and Mrs. Maloney were found on the scene. Additionally, the neighbors also stated nobody other than Mr.Maloney had entered the house after 4:50 p.m. The defense will also claim that Patrick committed suicide rather than being murdered. After reviewing the data and severity of the injury, lab experts made it clear that a suicide would be impossible. A full autopsy reported that Patrick’s skull had been crushed from behind, thus ruling out a possible suicide. The only sensible and realistic explanation was that Mrs.Maloney had horrendously murdered her

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