Mary Maloney's Monologue

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As the detectives finished their meal, they decided that it was time to leave and that they have investigated enough for today. The sergeant looked back at the bone that was left on the table after they ate and noticed that the bone was about the same size of what was thought to be used to killed Patrick. He thought about it for a second, but later dismissed the absurd idea. When the men told Mary Maloney that they would be leaving, she seem disappointed, but she still thanked them for attempting to investigate. As the men left, she let out a sigh of relief that she didn 't know that she was holding. "The weapon is gone!" she thought to herself. However, this was not the end. Every day for the next few weeks, the detectives went to the Maloney…show more content…
Maloney, now seven months into her pregnancy, faked a sob. Of course, she is sad about him dying, but the fact that she is getting away with her murder overpowers her sadness. To get the detectives to believe her act, she must fake her tears. "I just hope that my child will have his handsome looks so I 'll never forget him." cried Mrs. Maloney. "So, you are fine with us leaving this case unsolved?" "If there is nothing that can be done to solve it, then I accept." "Once again, we are very sorry for your loss. We hope that your child will be healthy and safe." "Thank you so much, detectives." And they left. That was the last time that Mrs. Maloney was ever seen. A couple days later, the sergeant went to visit her because he wanted to see if she was doing well. When he arrived, no one was home. After looking around, he discovered that all of her possessions were gone. Now it all made sense to me. He knew who the killer was. The circumstances of the murder, the bone, it all added up now. Now he realized that she did always seem anxious whenever they came to investigate, like she wanted them to leave. Although this all was starting to make sense to him, he still had one question: what was her motive? He had a feeling that this question would never be answered. Mrs. Maloney, miles and miles away from her house, smiled, for she had gotten away with
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