Mary Maxfield Food As Thought Analysis

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In the article “Food as Thought: Resisting the Moralization of Eating” by Mary Maxfield published in 2012 states that people’s knowledge about health, is more so based on culture or origin. Rather than what is actually healthy. She also claims that as a culture “we no longer discuss healthy eating without also discussing healthy weights. Due to Maxfield’s claim that as a culture, we do not make conscious dieting decisions about healthy foods and normal weight, I disagree with that for a few reasons. There are many people in America that are health conscious, and some people truly have their own knowledge about what is healthy weight and a healthy diet. In my own personal experiences, I have met an abundance of people who are health conscious. By health conscious I mean, people who knows exactly what processed food does to the body and also what is an average or healthy weight limit. I personally believe that they reject the obese American’s diet, simply because they are fit and in great health. My friends who are health conscious have also tried to get me into changing my diet, and consuming better things instead of the average southern diet.
There are other Americans who truly have knowledge about different foods. Whether or not they should be vegan, vegetarian or just an
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Some have similar to others, but the majority make their own decisions. You cannot classify or put a nation of people in a box, and have a legitimate claim. To say that “We do not discuss healthy habits or limitations”, without proper facts and statistics is absurd and would definitely make that an opinion statement. If Maxfield was to actually go out and take a poll on how many people either eat healthy or select unhealthy foods, then to have it published that would aid her claim significantly. While it is true that Americans are either overweight or obese, it does not and cannot define us all, as an
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