Mary Noailles Murfree's The Prophet Of Great Smoky Mountains

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The Prophet of Great Smoky Mountains The classic literary masterpiece created by Mary Noailles Murfree spoke a lot about the uniqueness of Southern American culture. This part of the American continent contributed greatly to the historical and geographical richness of this great country. The culture of Southern America is highly conservative in nature and this conservatism is well depicted in most of its prolific writers. “The Prophet of Great Smoky Mountains” is an example of this thematic expression of love that binds a family, a community and its social relevance. Setting of the Story. The novel was set amidst a majestic mountain named Great Smoky Mountains, which at its highest peaks seems to be unendingly hiding behind clouds, looking like a mystic giant mound of earth that is totally barren. The reader is given the…show more content…
The novel was also rich with religion. The religious South American has been exclusively evangelical Protestant. Murfree vividly described how the characters would participate in religious congregations, listening attentively to sermons as preacher Kelsey would deliver passages from the New Testament. The preacher would discuss topics like “fate and free agency, free will and foreordination, infinite mercy and infinite justice, God 's loving kindness and man 's intolerable misery, redemption and damnation” (187). Because of this, images of evil and the devil was conjured, while the preacher would emphasize the importance of confession and repentance of sin. The uniqueness of South American culture was also highlighted by religion. Romance. Typical with most American novelists, the aspect of romantic love was always present in their stories. Murfree illustrated this in the love triangle that ensued among the three protagonists: Dorinda, Rick and Amos. Amos was depicted as hopelessly in love with Dorinda, who in turn had hopes of marrying the fugitive Rick. In the end however, it was a case of unrequited love for

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