Mary Oliver Journey

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“ The Journey “ by Mary Oliver is an easy to read poem, yet the overall message is so powerful. The title speaks for itself for the reason being that, “ The Journey “ is literally about a journey one takes throughout their life. One day you wake up and realize this is not the life you want to be living, so you begin to transition. However, with this transition comes hardships that weigh you down and make it seem impossible to succeed. Once you leave all the negativity and keep the determination and drive you will be able to achieve that goal and complete your journey. I can connect to this poem because I went through a similar experience recently. My mother and father did not attend a college or university, so that made me a first generation college student. As a…show more content…
Life is a journey, along that journey you will face transitions and changes in your life, however it is up to that individual to have determination and adapt to the new situations. Once you complete this journey and transition, you become your own person. Everyone goes through the journey of finding themselves, you will have bumps along the road, but that does not mean you should just give up. I rate this poem a ten out of ten due to the realness of the message. I believe many people can relate to this poem, and maybe even help them or encourage them to complete the journey. I am not the biggest fan of poetry, but I actually really enjoyed reading the poem. I noticed that in her poem, Mary Oliver did not have any stanza breaks. Additionally, I saw that each line contained a couple words. The lines of “ The Journey “ are not long, but rather very short. Oliver did not do this for no reason, she had a reasoning behind her format of the poem, which I think is smart. In life you get no real breaks; there is no pause or stop button in life, it just continues on, and I think that is why she had no stanza breaks in her
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