Mary Pope Osborne's Magic Tree House # 1 Dinosaurs Before Dark

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I am an avid reader and reading has been my favorite hobby for a great deal of my life. When I am reading a book, I don 't just glance at the words, I dive into the world that the pages describe. Unfortunately, when I do this I render myself oblivious to my surroundings, such as people attempting to talk to me and the current time. The latter of which has resulted in me missing various types of deadlines, such as arriving somewhere late or going to sleep at an absurd hour in the early morning. Every book that I have read has influenced me in one way or another, some have inspired me to improve myself, such as iWoz, and others have expanded my knowledge of the world, like The Great Gatsby. One of the most influential of these would have to be Mary Pope Osborne’s Magic Tree House #1 Dinosaurs Before Dark, which transitioned me from reading picture books to reading short children’s novels and cultivated my love of the fantasy genre.…show more content…
Jack opens one of them and wishes to meet a pteranodon and the treehouse transports them into the Cretaceous Period. Jack and Annie then exit the treehouse and wander around, exploring their surroundings. They get into and out of trouble a few times and at the end Jack and Annie use another book to cause the treehouse to return to where they found it and then go
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