The Mystery Of Marie Roget Analysis

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Mystery is like a puzzle, with their different shapes and sizes, if you rotate the pieces in different ways and never stop trying until the end, eventually they will fit together. One morning, where two men were having their morning walk, they spot the lifeless body of Mary Rogers. The tragedy of her death was enough to be marked in the historical records of New York City. Many newspapers and books were made, talking about the mysterious disappearance and death of Mary Rogers. But one of the most popular books written about Mary was called “The Mystery of Marie Roget” by Edgar Allan Poe. The idea of solving a crime through writing intrigued Poe, but did not last long, for Poe had difficulties connecting the dots. Even though multiple theories…show more content…
Initially, investigations occurred, interrogating anyone who would fit to be the prime suspect. Afterwards, it was concluded that Mary had purposely misinformed her fiancé, Daniel Payne that she would be visiting her aunt on a Sunday morning of July 25 (“Edgar Allan Poe”). In addition, it created more suspicion when her mother found a suicide note on Mary’s room table (“Death of Mary Rogers”). In fact, Frederica Loss, a tavern owner, states that, “Mary came in the tavern with a young man with dark complexion and had a couple drinks” (“Beautiful Cigar Girl”). This establishes that the young man could possibly be the one responsible for Roger’s death. Moreover, on July 28, 1841, the body of Rogers was found along the shore of New Jersey, near Hoboken (“Edgar Allan Poe”). Arriving at the crime scene, Stashower, a detective, illustrated that a gang was not affiliated with the death of Rogers, but rather an individual had committed it. The unexplained reasons for lying to her fiancé and the creation of her suicide note add to the mystery of her…show more content…
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