Mary Rowland Captivity Summary

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In reading the Captivity Novel and Restoration of Mary Rowland there are many obstacles that Mary had to overcome. The daily life that she lived came to complete stop when the Indians invaded the land. Mary goes through many trials when taken captive. During her captivity the only thing she can turn to at this point is the Lord and the bible as her guide. Each day Mary faces new challenges, and she asks the lord how she should continue her life. In the time of her captivity she dealt with the death of her daughter, because the Indians prevented her from caring for her child in the proper way. Mary had terrible conditions to survive in and she struggled at times to keep her faith in God. Since she had to learn how to cope with the Indians her attitude towards…show more content…
While being in the wilderness Mary and the Indians have to conserve all parts of nature that they can to deliver a good amount of food for the people traveling. At one point she began to gain comfort through certain deeds of the Indians. Mary at one point became friends with two Christian Indians and she sees there are still good Christian people she was around, her perspective changes, and she no longer has bad feelings towards the Indians. Looking back at her captivity she points out some things she observed and she noticed that the Indians were smarter than the English Army, and that the Indians can live a lifestyle so well without the luxury like the whites. The Indians are constantly on the move, they deal with living under harsh food and shelter conditions yet they still survive better than the English would whom Mary though were superior. Lots of the English died on their journeys in the wilderness, but during the long eleven weeks that she was hostage not one of the Indians died from hunger. Towards the end Mary seemed to make friends with some of the Indians and her perspective changed from hatred to a
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