Review Of Mary Rowlandson's Preface To The Reader

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The “Preface to the Reader,” the author characterizes the Indians as “Barbarians” and “Heathens” based on “causless enmity.” On the other hand, the author characterizes Mrs. Rowlandson as “worthy and precious gentlewoman” and the narrative was aimed at “benefit of the afflicted.” This essay is written to discuss Mary Rowlandson’s description of the natives change throughout her narrative. In both communities, political leadership was important. The Wampanoag Indians were lead by Massasoit and their heirs while the English were lead by King Charles II: both political leaderships are heredity in nature. Peace treaty is important in solving problems and the leaders who signed the treaty held closely the contents of the treaty. The death of the original signatories such as Governor Bradford and Chief Massasoit played an important role towards the war/conflict. This illustrates it negate the characterization features because it allows and champions peace through the encouraging interdependence. The cause of the war was the misunderstanding between the two larger communities, which turned the Native…show more content…
The English people wanted to convert any population they accessed and utilized the lenses of the Bible to analyze and condemn Native Americans. Especially, the book was published because it would “Benefit of the Afflicted” and indicated the strength of God and His works. Into some extent, the Minister associates the Native Americans as savages and ‘satanic’ and those people acknowledging the bible manages to be protected from ‘satanic’ problems. It can be upheld because of the countless barbarous deaths, but it is a biased perspective since Rowlandson did not factor the views of Native Americans. The writer said, it is incited by “causes enmity” but the author does not consider Colonization and destructions associated to Colonization on the social
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