Mary S. Harper Reflection

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I was not aware of all of Dr. Mary Harper’s accomplishments and great work that she did over her life time, but I do remember being in middle school and there were discussions about her as well as national acknowledgements. This documentary was extremely beneficial and interesting to me, just for the simple fact that she is an outstanding role model for the African American community. My first impression of Dr. Harper I immediately noticed that she was extremely determined and hard working. I started to replay my education and I started to wonder why I was just now learning so much about her? The beginning of the clip started off as if Dr. Harper had a tough life and she wanted better for herself and that is realistic to most people. If someone is stuck and has their mind set on something, then they will go out and accomplish whatever you have to in order to succeed in life. I believe that If anyone was in this situation they will do the same thing, if they had the drive and motivation. Because I am in my fourth year of my college year I think my group of friends know that when something needs to be done it will get done. Specifically, Dr. Harper, was exceptional because she went through so many trials as she was trying to make it to the top. Her mother was not very supportive, she worked full time…show more content…
Harper, was one of the first people to actually pay attention and study ethnic and racial minorities as far as healthcare for the older community within this groups.” This is a significant factor because this is what she is known for and dedicated her life work to. She was in called in to help with the guidelines for the Mental Health Initiative. She was asked to help reform and develop solutions to the problems. Dr. Harper also received numerous outstanding awards, which included: “ 10 Who’s Who, registry and more than two fields, degrees from three high-handed universities, and has helped mental health issues
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