Mary Shelley's Enquiry Concerning Political Justice

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Mary Shelley was born in the heart London, England on August 30, 1797, into an artistic family. Shelley 's mom, Mary (Same name), kicked out not long after the other Marry was born. Mary was raised by her dad, William Godwin, the creator of “Enquiry Concerning Political Justice”. William and his family were frequently encompassed by successful writers and poets, for example, Thomas Paine, William Blake, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, etc. As a child, Mary Shelley read a lot of books and absorbed the discussions of savvy people that her dad brought around the family. In 1814, when she was 16 years old, Mary fled with 22-year-old Percy Shelley, who was married at the time. This activity strained Mary 's relationship with her dad, and the two did not talk quite a while. Percy 's divorced his old wife in November 1816. The following month, on December 30, 1816, Mary and Percy got married.…show more content…
18-year-old Mary 's story of a scientist who builds a terrible creature that developed into the novel “Frankenstein” and won Mary the prize over the two more established and more prepared creators. After Mary finished writing the novel, Percy Shelley altered Frankenstein and rewrote it in Mary 's voice. When the book was published in 1818, it turned into a major hit. Later, in 1823, Frankenstein was republished with more modifications and

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