The Similarities Between Victor And The Monster

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Victor and The Monster In Frankenstein, Dr. Victor Frankenstein is an impulsive man on a quest to create artificial life. The Monster, a being with different body parts dug up from a graveyard, is created. He has the intellect of a normal man, but he is only judged by what shows on the outside. Throughout the book, Victor is irresponsible: he fails to control the monster he created, and a string of tragedies unfolds around Victor’s family. His relatives are killed one by one. Blocked by his ego, the Doctor does not take action to stop the rampage, and his family pays for his mistake. Both Victor and Frankenstein seem to be completely unrelated and dissimilar, but the two foes have a lot in common. They are both antagonists, and have varying degrees of evil. In some respects, they complete each other. The vivid similarities between Victor and the Monster are driven by their secluded, isolated standing in the world, by isolation from their family, by mutual hatred, and by the absence of motherly figures in both Victor’s and the Monster’s lives. Victor has lost all touch with the world due to his work and twisted experiments. Society refuses to accept those who are different from everyone else, he is secluded, and he seems to have “lost all soul or sensation but for this one pursuit” (Shelley 38). Victor is isolated from others through his ungodly pursuit of creating artificial life. His work is frowned upon when he exhibits his experiments. He does not receive any positive
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