Mary Shelley's Use Of Foreshadowing In Frankenstein

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Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear. Judgement has always been a part of the world, many people judge others for their appearance or for simply being different than they are. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is based on a scientist’s successful experiment of bringing a dead body back to life. Once the scientist succeeds, he is left frightened at his creation and abandons it . The scientist Victor Frankenstein calls his creation a “wretch” and assumes that it is evil solely based on it's appearance. Shelley chose to write her novel to criticize and comment on human nature’s form of judgment. In order to accomplish her writing purpose she shares Frankenstein’s reaction to his creation's existence through imagery and foreshadowing. Shelley shared Frankenstein’s reaction to his creation…show more content…
She uses imagery to show the kind of reaction that Frankenstein had on his creation’s awakening and the kind of words he used to describe his very own creation. His description of the creature is used to show how judgemental humans are against other people who are not similar to them though they do not even know the other being. Frankenstein’s foreshadowing of the future with his creation in it, also is used as an example as to how humans discriminate others and assume the worst based on appearances. Shelley’s use of both of these strategies gives the readers a first hand look into how judgemental and discriminating humans can be to those that are slightly or majorly different to them, and it allows the readers to see why this way of being and thinking is not acceptable. Her way of writing her story serves as a lesson to those who read it and as an example about what is wrong with the way Frankenstein judged his own creation and why it is not right to discriminate or isolate another individual or group based on their appearance or any
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