Mary Sherry's 'In Praise Of The F Word'

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In the article “In praise of the F word” Mary Sherry discusses the “F” word, which means failure. When someone hears the word “failing” they tend to work hard. The F word is a strong word for those who are in school. No high school student wants to fail their senior year. Most of them all they want is to graduate and get their high school diplomas. Sherry writes that “tens of thousands of 18-year-olds will graduate this year and be handed meaningless diplomas” (1). She wrote this because most of these kids who were awarded on could not read or write properly and therefore, they are back in night school along with adults who are trying to get their G.E.D. to get a better job. By that saying “[today’s kids are] getting cheated on by our educational…show more content…
She could comprehend how that all teachers are the same. She had her students write down their personal education experience. Some of them were angry because they were passed with our being able to read or write, and the others because they did good in the class and was not a bad student. “I know one example doesn’t make a case, but at night I see a parade of students who are angry and resentful for having been passed along until they could no longer even pretend to keep up” (2).” Passing students who have not mastered the work cheats them and the employers who expect graduates to have basic skills” (2). Just because they are in their senior year teachers should see if that person is capable to read spell or write. Another thing is the students who puts their effort into school and still are not able to understand the subject then that will be different. For example, students with special disorders are the ones that will fall into that category. One of the many night students that sherry teaches said “I was a good kid and didn’t cause any trouble, so they just passed me along even though I didn’t read well and couldn’t write” (1). This example, shows that instead of the teachers using a method that gives her the power that she needs, students do as they please without much effort. Sherry son was the type to get away with many things until Mrs. Stifter. He faced the fear of failure. Overall, Sherry presents her audience with a convincing argument. She did a good job on repeating the need for having a fear of failure and having the threat of flunking as a positive form for students to get on the right
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