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We have had many notable people throughout history. Among them are queens and kings, who have had to deal with many hardships. If one person came back to talk to me, I would like to meet is Mary Stuart. She is also known as Mary I of Scotland or Queen Mary of Scots. She was the only surviving legitimate child of King James V of Scotland. She was born December 8, 1542. She received the throne when she was only six days old because her father died. His famous last words were “Woe is me. My dynasty came with a lass. It will go with a lass.” Mary in her childhood years spent most of her time in France while regents ruled Scotland. She was later engaged to King Henry II’s son, Francis, and was adored by the French King. When she met her betrothed, she was only 6. But even at a young age, they were quite close and fond of each other. In 1558, Mary I, queen of England, died, and almost everyone believed Mary Stuart was the only legitimate heir to the English throne but…show more content…
There was soon an attempt on Mary’s life, a group of Scottish men and her husband killed one of her religious advisers. The traumatic scenes should have cause Mary, who was pregnant at the time, to miscarry and back then when a woman miscarries, they usually died. This was not the case for Mary. She was then imprisoned and she made her husband change her mind and help her escape. Her son was born a few months later and his name was James VI of Scotland. The men Henry betrayed soon became angry and killed him. She was soon persuaded to marry one of the men, James Hepburn. The other men became enraged with Hepburn and battled with Mary but soon Mary turned herself over to be imprisoned. During her Imprisonment, she was forced to abdicate her throne to her infant son. She was free after 10 months of captivity and wanted her throne back. Soon her cousin, Elizabeth, still felt threatened by Mary and imprisoned and executed her on February 8, 1587.

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