Mary Sullivan's Murder Case Study

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In the case of rape and murder of Mary Sullivan, is known as one of the many brutal case known. The woman’s killer raped her and then strangled her to death at Beacon Hill apartment in Boston. She was known after her death as the 11 victim of the Boston Strangler murder. Boston Strangler was assumed to be Albert DeSalvo, but there was not enough evidence to convict him of the crimes until July 2013. Mary Sullivan was a 19-year-old who moved to Cape Cod to Boston where she rented an apartment at Beacon Hill. In 1964 she was found raped and strangled at her apartment in a few days of her arriving in Boston. She was found by her two roommate’s that came home from work at the Filene’s, as they walked in the apartment they saw Sullivan sleepy on the bed and decide to let her sleep. As the day went on they tried to make dinner to rouse her and it was then they realized she was died. A motorcycle officer responding to screams coming from the apartment saw Sullivan’s body with a nylon stocking and two scarves around her neck. Lt. John Donovan tells reporters that “It’s quite apparent [sic] that this little girl was strangled.” The Boston Strangler killed 11 woman in and around Boston in-between he ages of 19 to 85. The Boston Strangler was first thought to be Albert DeSalvo because of how he was commit a crime before he was caught. DeSalvo…show more content…
She was only 19-years-old when she was killed and was just starting her life in Boston before she was killed. Even though there was evidence to convicted DeSalvo of a crime there was sadly not enough to charge him with the murder of Sullivan. After decades of not knowing if he killed Sullivan it wasn’t until NIJ came in to help investigate the murder. Thanks to the grant the NIJ offered Boston’s police force they were finally able solve this decade cold case. All of this just shows that no matter how long it will take justice will come through in the
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