Mary Surratt's Assassination Conspiracy

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Mary Surratt was innocent when it comes down to the president Abraham Lincoln’s death and did not deserve to be put to death. The officers that put Mary to death, did not have evidence to support the fact that she was involved in Lincoln’s murder.

Booth recruited Mary Surratt into the conspiracy of the kidnapping of Abraham Lincoln. This means that Mary Surratt was aware of the kidnapping of Abraham Lincoln but she did not know about the assassination. Mary knew because she would let Booth hold the meetings about the kidnapping at her boarding house. She allowed him to do this because she knew what was going on. If she let him have the meetings there, she had to have known about the kidnapping plot.

Mary Surratt was already punished for taking place in the kidnapping of Abraham Lincoln. By the end of April Booth was dead, killed by union troopers. His supposed co-conspirators were put in jail, including Mary Surratt. Mary was arrested on April 17. Therefore if they had already punished Mary by putting her in jail, they didn’t need to put her to death.
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Two nights after the president 's murder, Federal soldiers came looking for John Jr. At that moment Paine, who had been hiding since his failed attempt on Seward, arrived at the house looking for a safe haven.” In this paragraph it states that not all the evidence on Mary was circumstantial, which means they didn’t have the right to put her to
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