Queen Mary The I

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Mary the I, also known as Mary Tudor, was the first queen to rule England in her own right. She lived in the 1500s and ruled for five years after having to overcome many obstacles. She was very loyal to God and her religion, which led her to changing Henry VIII’s (her father’s) way of ruling England by trying to bring catholicism back to her country. Mary the I was best known as Bloody Mary because of her behavior towards heretics. She revived and strictly applied the harsh rules against heresy and killed nearly 300 protestants during her reign. Although her fellow monarchs sought to rule men's earthly existence, Mary wanted nothing less than dominion over their souls through forced conversions and swift executions. Long before Mary’s reign,…show more content…
He chose to banish catholicism and bring protestantism to England so that no one could disagree with his decisions or prevent him from doing what he wanted. He didn’t cared about what his subjects did as long as they were obeying and worshiping him and all his power, he had no interest in the life of people’s immortal souls because once they died they had no power of showing him that he was an important figure. Not only during Henry VIII's ruling period but also while Edward VI was in command, Protestantism had a huge influence in society. Edward was born in a period of time when England was a Protestant country and his regents continued to rule it accordingly to the religion. He had the same desire as his father in terms as being very concerned with earthly power. Some of Edward VI’s regents altered the line of succession to the throne, favoring the protestants by putting Henry VIII’s niece in the throne and procrastinating Mary Tudor’s reign even…show more content…
About three hundred protestants were killed. Most of the country disagreed with her choices and each time a protestant was put to death it was "forty-five minutes of agony that would be repeated hundreds of times during Mary's reign." For monarchs are expected to be kind and supportive of their people and Mary had spilled too much of her own people's blood she was given the name 'Bloody Mary'. She proved herself to have a completely different way of ruling than her father or her half brother (Edward VI). Elizabeth the I, Mary's half-sister, was forced to help Mary with the restoration of Catholic faith in England. But Elizabeth was, in secret, guilty of plotting and making connections with the protestants to gain the throne, restore her sister's government and bring Protestantism back to
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