Mary Valdosta Research Paper

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Mary grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa because her parents were missionaries. Her parents are still happily married after twenty plus years together, and they have blessed Mary with an older brother and older sister to enjoy life with. Her parents actually still live in Africa where the still continue to work for the lord just now retired, so they truly live there out of the love they have for the Lord. Mary grew up as a white American child living in South Africa where being white was a minority, but since it is the biggest city in South Africa it tended to be more diverse than other regions. Surprisingly, she said she has not received any racism in the African culture because her family is very well respected there. Mary seemed very passionate about how the African culture is more genuinely friendly and how they do not stress over time like people in the United States, life in Africa is not based on a schedule. Mary grew up homeschooled most of her life, but she also got the opportunity to attend boarding in Montana and a few years were spent at a special Academy in Africa. She proceeded to mention how she went to school in Africa is about the same as it in…show more content…
Honestly, she said Valdosta has been such a blessing to her, even though she misses being at home more than anything. Valdosta has just been so welcoming to her, especially the Baptist Collegiate Ministries has made her feel like family and even though she may be different they have welcomed her weirdness with opened arms of love. Since she has started attending Valdosta she has begun to realize how much Valdosta can be a mission field to her as much as South Africa is to her parents. Mary’s ultimate goal is to be able to give back to others’ and make a difference in this world just like her parents. Once she has obtained her degree she figures God will lead her to wherever in the world that needs her the
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