Mary Warren The Crucible Analysis

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Arthur Miller sets the scene in the book The Crucible to be the year 1692 in Salem Massachusetts. He describes the main room of John Proctors house as the specific scene of Act II. Two of the characters in this play, John Proctor and Mary Warren, have a big role in this act. Proctor is a big farmer who owns land out in the country and works hard for everything he has. He has 3 children with his wife Elizabeth Proctor. Mary Warren is connected to this family through the care she provides for their home and children. Mary Warren helps to complete the everyday duties that Elizabeth sets out for her. John Proctor brings this scene together with his stubborn, hardworking and angry attitude while Mary Warren has distraught and scared characteristics…show more content…
Mary Warren was brought into the Proctor household during Elizabeth's pregnancy where she became very sick. She has been a big help to the family but because of the recent claims of witchcraft has become an official of the court. The night of the accusations placed towards the Proctor's, she was away in court. While away Mary was supposed to be home caring for the children and knew that when she got home she would be punished. In hopes of making things better when she got home she began sewing a poppet for Elizabeth. The doll was used later that night to accuse Elizabeth of using it as a voodoo and for witchcraft. When Mary found this out she got really upset and scared for her family but more so for her own well-being. Proctor knew that this doll was not his wife's and it was no more than a gift. He asked Mary to go to the court and let them know that it was her doll but she was too scared to do so. Mary cried out "She'll kill me for saying that! Abby'll charge lechery on you Mr. Proctor." (Miller 84). This caused Proctor to become even more angered which in effect made Mary become afraid of what he might do to her.
This act revolves around the stubbornness and anger in John Proctors attitude while still finding the scared and distraught characteristics of Mary to be important. The rest of the play displays proof these characters continue to have these traits and problems in their
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