Mary Watson's Short Story

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On her home from a night shift, Mary Watson found a coin on the sidewalk… it looked funny, with a strange pattern. She wondered where it came from, the story behind. Who had it before her, maybe someone famous? She put the coin in her pocket and brought it with her home. Some days later, she met her friend John at the local coffee shop; John had dark skin and brown, warm eyes and an afro. They cached up on work and gossip when the coin fell out of her pocket. “Strange” she said to herself, she had forgotten about the coin. “Why, what’s that?” John asked her. “It’s a coin I found the other day when I was walking home from work. Take a look at the patterns – strange right?” she asked john. “Yes very, do you think the coin is worth anything?” he said with a wiggle of his eyebrows. “I don’t know, maybe we should post about it on Facebook?” John…show more content…
She agreed to do the meeting, she just needed the time and place. She asked if she could bring her friend John with her, they told her yes. She was very excited. They decided on meeting the next day, and she was very excited. All of this because of a coin? She could not believe it, this must be the best thing that has ever happened to her! They woke up the next day at six A.M and started driving. They listened to music in the car and discussed what they were going to with the money. Maybe go out to dinner and celebrate! After hours of driving, they finally arrived. It was a fat, middle-aged man probably in his fifties who stood there and waited for them. When Mary climbed out of the car he wore a big smile. When John stepped out of the car his smile disappeared so fast it was like it had never really been there. “What is that nigger doing here?” He said in a rude voice. At first, Mary was taken aback - did he really just say that? “Excuse me?” She shouted. She saw that john was looking down at his feet and she could feel the rage in her building
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