Mary Whyte Sweet Pea Analysis

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Occasionally, when we go throughout our day a memory creeps it's way into our minds. As we recall the commemorative memory most of us can't help but smile to ourselves while the feeling of nostalgia kicks itself into our hearts. The painting Sweet Pea by Mary Whyte seems to appear as one of those childhood recollections. One that is a highlight to her younger self, and brings her delight to recall.

The soft blur over the painting looks almost as if Mary Whyte had painted it while recalling a memory. As if a walk down memory lane, the painting, while blurred, shows clearly a small child smiling sweetly behind a quilt as she holds a doll. In her mind it must be one she enjoyed as the the warm colors used give the painting a cozy atmosphere. The quilts are a strong mixture of yellows and oranges with faint amounts of green which likely were etched into Mary Whyte's mind as she painted. The girl stands, smiling softly while clutching her doll, they both wear dresses, the girl's being a cream-tan color and the dolls being a white color with small flower like orange patterns throughout. Such detail is used to add recollection into the painting by adding these flowers onto the dress, that you can tell this memory was etched into the mind of Mary Whyte.
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The quilts are very essential to the memory as well, as their colors are what leaves the impact of the memory being fond to the viewer. Yellow is a color that is to represent happiness, orange represents security as it is found in fruits and vegetables and green represents life and youth. The colors give the painting the feeling of a child's
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