Mary Wollstonecraft And Women's Rights

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Mary Wollstonecraft was a key component in the movement of rights for women. Her philosophies on equality were a precursor for women around the world who would join together and fight back against the injustice they faced due to their gender. Wollstonecraft promoted her ideals during the middle of the 18th century at a point in time where rights for women were non-existent and she lived her whole life without any true rights of her own. Years after her death, her values were continued by women who were trying to gain the right the vote. The fight for the rights of women has continued since then and still continues in modern feminist movements. Although it may seem like a constant battle to some, none of these activists would have been able to do this without Wollstonecraft and her writings in A Vindication of the Rights of Woman. Wollstonecraft created a base for the women’s rights movement, she framed the way women and men alike view feminism and she also changed how society views feminism. Women’s rights are human rights and Wollstonecraft made it her life’s work to get this message across. Wollstonecraft created a base for the women’s rights movement and got women thinking for themselves about what needed to change. In her time, women’s rights were absent and around the world women had to act obedient and comply with whatever the men in their lives told them to do. There was no advocating for the rights of women because women were seen as property of men instead of

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