Mary Wollstonecraft In The Age Of The Enlightenment

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For a woman today, it’s self-evident to participate in many things relating to all matters, but was it always like that?No, contrariwise , only after 1920 women had the full right to vote in the united states, before that, in the Age of the Enlightenment, they couldn't even say what hey want. But that didn’t stop them from doing it.
During the Age of Enlightenment not only men enlightenment thinkers inspired the people also many women took a huge part during that time. One of them, who stand out several times during that time, because of her good ideas and inspiring goals, was Wollstonecraft.
Mary Wollstonecraft did more to change the world than servile man philosophers, like Jean-Jacques Rousseau. She was born on April 27th, 1759 in London
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Only because no one made the experience of having a female doctor doesn't , mean they are not capable.
Another belief of Mary Wollstonecraft was the right to participate in politics for women.
In her book A vindication of rights of women Mary argued, according to Jim Powell, that women also have to live in the society, so why don’t we have the right to decide about the decisions or nevertheless to vote? Accordingly, with women in politics, new ideas and new changes could be made and not to forget that the women’s beliefs and opinions finally would get represented.
Concluded, when a woman participates in politics, she finally is allowed to speak freely and embody the needs of women.
Wollstonecraft worked arduous on her tasked, however, not everyone sees Mary Wollstonecraft as an important enlightenment thinker . The supporters of this position argued Jean- Jacques Rousseau was a more influential enlightenment thinker and developed better ideas of education than Mary Wollstonecraft.
Both of them Wollstonecraft and Rousseau were thinkers about education during the Age of the Enlightenment, but their ideas and beliefs couldn’t be more
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