Marya Hornbacher Analysis

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First of all, let me say that I’m really, really sorry again for handing in work of Marya Hornbacher. However, it may also have been a good learning exercise for me. The stories of Marya Hornbacher really attracted my attention and I loved them. They were emotional appealing and I could relate to it. They were absolutely moving, inspiring and hauntingly beautiful. I could relate to some of the struggles within the text as I struggle with eating issues as well. So the way she wrote about such difficulties was therapeutic for me. Her work truly spoke to me and resonated with me on many levels.

I handed them in because I was to insecure about my own work, but I learned that everyone has its own style of writing, and nothing is right or wrong. It is about your own experience. Every piece is good and unique in its own way. I decided to search for a reverse pastiche for
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I looked into many different journal magazines and did read lots of articles. First, I started to read all essays from all the volumes, later on I decided to pick essays in which the titles attracted my attention and finally I used the search engine to look more concrete/focused for essays which matched with the themes. When I came across this story (The Lunch Lady and her Three Headed Dog), I felt immediately satisfied. However, this story is not completely a reversed pastiche from Marya Hornbacher her piece, but it shares a lot of common elements.

The Lunch Lady and the Three Headed Dog (LLTHD) is about a woman who is older than Marya Hornbacher, and her topic is not exactly the same as in Marya Hornbachers stories, but I could imagine that when Marya would be at her age that she could have written this kind of story as well. LLTHD is also about obsession with your bodily appearance. For example in this line:

“I raise my arm to write on the chalkboard, and the skin draped over bone and muscle swings in contrapuntal
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