Marybell: A Case Of Stress And Breast Cancer

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Marybell came to the appointment after a job interview in which she was approved to go through training and believes she has a good chance of getting the job. Marybell still filled out a referall for supported employment services and said she felt better knowing that she would have someone to help her if this job fell through. Marybell says everything seems to be on the positive and this is helping minimize the depression and anxiety symptoms and stablize her mood. Her affect in the appointment was upbeat and happy, much more engaged than previous appointments. The lessening of symptoms was also seen by her being able to get up early to get to job interview and other appointments when she had been oversleeping and also being able to ride public …show more content…

Marybell asked a stranger for a ride and got into the car with her daughter even though the man was intoxicated. We discussed her thought process in this situation and what a safer alternative could have been. She has not heard back from the referral she recieved from her PCP in regards to the lump in her breast. Marybell also got to see her son this weekend and found out that he was promoted to a specialist, which she is extrememly proud of. Marybell said that she could see that her son could see the difference in her and was proud of her for starting to "dig herself out of the hole she had put herself in" which made her feel good about herself. Marybell said that she had a bit of alcohol with her son on Sunday, but other than that she had gone almost a whole week without a drink. Marybell also has not had a cigerette in almost three weeks, which she is also proud of. Marybell was informed about the cycle of change and that relaspe is a part of the cycle and then problem solved about how to deal with relapse if it should occur in regards to her smoking. Marybell is still smoking marijuana regularly. Marybell 's biggest stressor right now is the threat of her water being shut off due to not paying the bill and we problem solved ways to deal with this until she had a source of

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