Maryland Vs Pringle Essay

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Case Citation: Maryland v Pringle, 540 U.S. (Washington, D.C. 2003).
Parties: Maryland, Petitioner / Appellants Joseph Jermaine Pringle, Defendant / Appellee
Facts: Pringle along with two other men were stopped in the early morning for speeding. Upon the driver getting his registration out for the officer, the officer noticed a wad of money. During a search the officer seized $763 of money that was rolled up in the glove compartment, along with five baggies of cocaine. None of the three confessed to owning the drugs, to which the officer arrested all three men. In this case, the officer had probable cause to arrest the men including Pringle. Pringle waived his rights under Miranda v Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (1996), [1] he gave the police a written
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Decision: In this case it was found that the officer did have probable cause to believe that the crime of possession of the cocaine was that of Pringle. Due to this the arrest did not contravene the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments. So, the judgment of the Court of Appeals of Maryland was reversed, leaving the case remanded for any further proceedings and is not inconsistent with the opinion of the Court. [1]
Comment: This case shows a warrantless search and arrest based on what the officer sees with his belief that a crime is being committed or that it has been committed.
1. Opinion of the Court, Supreme Court of The United States (2003)

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