Maryville Community Blood Drive Case Study

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The Maryville Community Blood Drive collected 113 units of blood Sept. 19.

According to Account Manager Betty Tinker, the goal for this blood drive was 115 units of blood.

“We hold a blood drive here in the Maryville community every eight weeks,” Tinker said. “We usually have just about the same donor base coming in, we really would like to pump that up.”

One of the consecutive donors is Maryville resident Ed Walker who donates his blood every two months.

“I donate as often as I can,” Walker said. “I have two older children that are donating too. As soon as they turned 16, they went and gave their first donation.”

Maryville resident Leah Koger also gave blood, she donates a couple of times a year.

“I know that the blood center is really needing O negative blood and that’s my blood type,” Koger said. “They’ve been calling me everyday. I saw there was a blood drive here and just decided to come and give blood.”
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“I think everybody needs to do it,” Walker said. “It doesn’t hurt anything, and you’re saving lives. It takes not even an hour. If anyone can give, they should. It’s so simple.”

Northwest’s Student Senate will be hosting a blood drive Oct. 24-26 from 11-4:30.

“This year, Missouri Western challenged Northwest, so it’s a competition,” Tinker said. “We’re hoping Northwest just kicks

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