Marywood University Personal Statement

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Throughout my life, my personal goals have evolved and made into the adult I am today. I always struggled with my self-esteem throughout time. My personal goal entering Marywood was to gain confidence and be comfortable with who I am by putting myself out there to others and showing my passion for what I love. Marywood University is the place for me to evolve into someone I am proud of. At Marywood, I plan to convey my love for art and meet intruding people who will leave a huge impact on my life. Art has always been my escape from any situation whether it be a stress reliever or a root from boredom. These next four years my confidence and self-esteem will grow along with my love for art and the people I meet along the way. In high school, I always had a devotion towards art. My first years in high school I had no plan to pursue a career in art. I had no faith in myself that my talent was something special. I did not think I was advanced enough to elongate my art career. In my sophomore year, I had an art teacher I was blessed to encounter. He saw my passion for art however saw I was too shy to show it. My confidence grew within high school and by senior year, I was happy with who I blossomed…show more content…
Their mission statement exemplifies importance of academic excellence, achieving your fullest potential and to live responsibly in an interdependent world. As I attend Marywood I plan to follow this mission statement. This statement pushes me to not just settle for what is easy but to strive for the best I can possibly be. The core value of excellence personally relates to my goal. Day by day I am striving for excellence not only with my art, but everyday life. As a student athlete, I push myself physically and mentally. My work mentality is to be excellent and what I do, and also be proud. If I am not confident in myself, there is no chance to achieve
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