Masaccio The Trinity Analysis

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The Trinity gives the viewer a colossal portal to view the world, as Masaccio would have seen it in renaissance Italy. This spectacle shows the beautiful “elaborate” (Kloss, Lecture 13, 20:07) painted detail of a fictional multi leveled architecture presumably a chapel or a cathedral with emissive barrel vaulted ceilings; that is set over a skeleton set upon it’s burial crypt, that would be seen at ground level on this massive 22’ fresco, the skeleton which has been obscured over the years was rediscover in the last century (Kloss, Lecture 13, 22:16) I think Masaccio had some symbolic meaning on the ideology of death which could lead to an explanation as why it was covered.

Above the tomb perched upon an “illusionistic platform” (Kloss, Lecture
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However as the name of the fresco suggest it gives a crucial clue on the intend subject by Masaccio the trinity or three in one, or one God with three entities (Kloss, Lecture 13, 25:40) God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. God the Son is the most noticeable for both Christian and Non-Christians alike in the literal form of Jesus Christ. God the Father is not quite as noticeable but the uniqueness of the perspective of the divine man in the foreground brings out an aura that he is occupying both spaces and logically God the Father is the only divine figure that could be in two places at once (Kloss, Lecture 13 25:31). Even more ambiguous is God the Holy Spirit, which is traditionally seen as a dove through out the holy texts; God the Holy Spirit can be overlooked easily since it is found with wings outstretched in front of God the father, it almost looks like it is a part of his robe or perhaps a white shirt or…show more content…
Which reinforces the importance of the trinity or the one being with three separate entities, since a pyramid is one shape composing of triangles, or three angles. The set of interlocking pyramids can be traced from the kneeling donors upwards to the head of God the Father. The inverse pyramid can be traced from the top of the vault to the space directly below Christ. The space that these two pyramids intersect consists solely on the three beings of the trinity. (Kloss, Lecture 13, 27:06) It also seems that Mary knows of this secret and emphasizes the importance of it to her viewers by gesturing at Christ her
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