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Massacio - Father of Perspective and Three Dimension - born Tommaso di Ser Giovanni di Simone, was the first of three friends to change art. As he was born in San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy, December 21, 1401-1428, he made many works of art, yet none looking like the other. He became strongly influenced by the architect Brunelleschi and the sculptor Donatello, both of whom were his contemporaries in Florence during the Italian Renaissance. As a young child, his father died when he was just five years old. It is known that he moved to Florence, Italy around the year 1420 and joined a painters’ guild. There he grew a nickname, Moso, meaning untidy, clumsy or lazy, representing the fact that he did not care of worldly matters. Although he died…show more content…
He used linear perspective developing this technique allowed him to present three-dimensional images in his paintings. The use of light, vanishing points, color and spatial context is renowned in the painting world. Incorporation of perspective and soft colors brought the painting out of the symbolic and into reality. His use of colors and shading of soft images threw religious theme into the real and actual. There can’t be so much art with no influence or motivation, can there? Well there was an influential model there for Masaccio. We know that his major influence was Brunelleschi, but who else? Donatello and Giotto. They’re paintings, sculptures and architectures have shown a resemblance of Masaccio’s work as well. For example, Giotto de Bodone, a sculpture made by Giotto, shows the specific creases you also see in Masaccio’s St. Paul painting. The capes have much similarities with the crease and the shape, yet both works are original. As well as Donatello’s 1440 sculpture, The David. Coming out of the Dark Ages, Florence shone brighter than any other city. Due in large part to funding by the Medici Family, and a revival of classical thought, Florence flourished as a center for art, scientific thought and invention and set the stage for the
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