Mascaro's Work Case Study

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I interviewed Bonnie Mascaro. She works for Atlantic Financial Federal Credit Union (AFFCU). Ms. Mascaro is the Vice President of Member Services: Branch and Call Center. Ms. Mascaro earned an Associate’s degree in Business Administration. She has been in middle management for 14 years. Ms. Mascaro started in 1983 as a Loan Officer, made a lateral move to a Member Services Representative, Branch Manager to eventually VP Member Services. Her job duties include managing ATMs, two branches, overseeing the Call Center, scheduling staff, and implementing new services and products. Since Ms. Mascaro is a middle manager, she utilizes many skills. Time-Management, Human Relations, and Technological skills are the skills she believes to be most crucial…show more content…
Mascaro’s work resides in human resources, which is her staff. It starts with hiring the right people for the job. If she is short staffed, other employees have to fill-in so the members are not impacted by having to wait to be serviced. These other employees are impacted by being taken away from their daily tasks and take on more responsibility than normal so they can continue to provide the best services possible to the members. When hiring new staff, they go through a process to be sure they are hiring the right people. They review the applicant’s qualifications and their credit bureau report. After the applicant is considered, they request a background check through a third party vendor. As stated earlier, technology play a large role in the company. Ms. Mascaro is constantly in touch with their IT personnel. IT knows everything about their computers and programs to help resolve any problems they run into. If there is not an IT worker in the branch, they are forced to call the help desk or put in a ticket for service, which delays work time. Atlantic Financial Federal Credit Union is very committed to keeping their members’ money safe and secure. Bonnie Mascaro is very dedicated to improving her members’ financial well-being which can only be achieved by using all of the resources described above. Ms. Mascaro uses the structure of the company to her advantage. She is able to use her level in the company to help both the members and her staff in any way she can. Her knowledge and skills allow her to constantly improve current operations. With her experience under her belt, she is more than highly qualified for her current position as a middle
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