Similarities Between Masculinity And Femininity

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Thuy Nim Masculinity and Femininity

• Assertiveness versus Modesty.
- According to the reading, the assertive character expresses someone is “oversell” about one’s self, and belongs to masculinity dimension.
- In contrast, the character of modesty expresses someone is “undersell” about one’s self, and belongs to femininity dimension.

• Genders and Gender Roles
- Men appear “on average” taller and tougher than women.
- Men focus more on aggressiveness, competitive, and success; and dominate in outside of home life.
- Women are “on average” skillful than men.
- Women have to bear the child, take care of kids and families.
- Gender roles are playing a part in every society.
- Feminine and masculine behaviors
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Engineers and scientists. Technicians and skilled craftspeople. Managers of all categories. Semiskilled and unskilled workers. Office workers.”

• Masculinity and Femininity in the Family

Masculinity Femininity
- Brides need to be chaste and industriousness.
- “Husbands should be healthy, wealthy, understanding while boyfriend should have personality, affection, intelligence, and sense of humor.”
- “Husband” symbolizes a family “Boyfriend” symbolizes love.
- Fathers deal with facts; moms deal with feelings. - Brides and grooms have the same standard.

- Boyfriend and husband are considered the same for love.
- Mom and dad deal with facts and feelings.

• Masculinity and Femininity in Gender Roles and Sex

Masculinity Femininity
- Men are responsible, decisive, and ambitious; women are caring.
- An actively ban on presenting male nudity than female.
- “Performance for a man can be, exploitation for a woman.”
- Sexual harassment is a big
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-“Small is beautiful” (economy growth).
- Voters place themselves to the left.

• Masculinity, Femininity, and Religion

Masculinity Femininity
-Prefer to “tough religion”
- Sex is for procreation.
- Male privileges emphasize in religion. -Prefer to “tender religion”.
-Sex is for sexual pleasure.
-Complementarity of the genders emphasizes in religion.

• Origins of Masculinity-Femininity Differences
- The period of Viking in the Scandinavian countries, he discovered femininity countries in where female’s roles played a big part by taking of the villages while men away.
- Small Central America, Peru (Inca), and Chile (Inca) belong to femininity societies.
- Mexico (Aztec), Venezuela, Columbia, and Ecuador belong to masculinity societies.

• The Future of Differences in Masculinity and Femininity
- In the masculine cultures, the poor part grows more quickly.
- The affluent part grows faster in the feminine cultures.
- Due to the old population’s age, the wealthy countries may shift to female cultures towards because the elders become more socialize; and the level of ego decreases.
- With the development of technology, it can make a feminine culture shift to more masculine
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