Masculinity And Gender Issues In Today's Society

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Gender issues have been a problem in our world since the beginning of the days; the stereotypes of the housewife woman and working man are the concepts of life our people are brought up with. For millennia, women didn’t have the right to vote, work or even talk; some have been burned alive for accusation of witchcraft, others stoned for being “seductive”. Masculinity is the characteristic for which a man considers himself superior to women in social and private contexts. Masculinity is still with us and, although being obsolete, it still influences our life. The causes for such behavior are psychological and social, they are inherited from common knowledge, media or religious texts; masculinity interrupts development and limits the social creativity of both men and women by constricting them to stereotyped roles. The same argument can be made for the other extremists: feminism. As women got more power over the years, also their feminist ego increased. Women, as the subject of the the worse sexist cruelties over the centuries, have nowadays developed an extreme sense of pride in their own gender. Also males suffer from gender issues, our society has determined the rules of “how to be a man”, by breaking these imaginary yet constricting boundaries males get discriminated. Gladly, our world is moving forward and leaving these gender issues aside, however they are still problematic in various third world countries. Many reforms and protests brought light and resolution to some

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