Masculinity In American Culture Essay

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In present American culture the traditional idea of masculinity differs vastly from what masculinity was in the Okonkwo’s culture. Currently in America when one hears the words manly, masculine, man, father, brother, or husband they associate it with an individual who is physically strong and dominant in the traditional American household. A masculine individual is known to have strengthen and power in society and will not assert or show any weakness towards “touchy” subjects or become emotional. The fact that our society has become so prone to look down upon anyone who is a man that acts more feminine and less manly than what is deemed as societies norm is sad. My personal association with the words above are stereotypically, synonyms that are associated with strength and…show more content…
Sadly, out society places those stereotypes on male individuals and they are looked down upon if they choose a different career such as becoming a stay at home father or becoming a hair dresser. These professions would be considered more feminine and the individuals may even receive rude feedback from family and friends for choosing this career path. Masculinity in Okonkwo’s culture is similar but different. I still feel that there is a very distinct masculine few on men that they are in charge and in power but woman in America have more of a say than women in Okonkwo’s culture do. While reading Things Fall Apart it became very evident that the man in society and tribe was definitely the leader and the ruler. They make all of the decisions for the woman and their family, without even consulting her. In American culture at least the husband and wife discuss the issue at hand before making a decision. I feel that this had to do with the fact that Nigerian men were very demanding and controlling, and not to say that some American men are not but American woman have a say in society while

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