Masculinity In American Culture

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It is often said that the first step for improvement is to recognize that there is a problem needed to be dealt with. Though not uncommon, this dilemma is rarely brought to light and therefore has a long, tragic history. The Representation Project 's documentary The Mask You Live In is focused on the age-old question, "How to be a man in America?" This film defines masculinity, discusses learned behavior, and reminds us of our role in society.

"Be a man is one of the most destructive phrases in this culture." is stated by coach and former NFL player Joe Ehrmann. In American culture, masculinity is often thought to be associated with one 's athletic ability, economic success, and sexual conquests. From a very young age, these boys are then set on a path to failure due to the fact that masculinity has no correlation with any of the previous stereotypical levels of "manhood." Someone with the skill to make a field goal from beyond the three-point line is not measured to be more of a man than someone who can barely do one pushup based only on their athletic ability. A person who makes a hundred thousand dollars per year is also not measured to be more of a man than someone who makes thirty-five thousand dollars a year when looking at their economic success. Lastly, a person who has had twenty sexual partners is no more of a man than someone a person who has had two sexual partners. It can be a difficult process for boys to grow and develop when even their role models are
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