Masculinity In Fiesta 1980

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Based on a study of a thirty-person Latino classroom, sixty percent said their parents resorted to violence when disciplining them. The definition of masculine can have 2 different meanings. One, being the percentage of male characteristics someone has, and two, how tough someone is. Certain cultures have sets of rules on how to grow and be a man. In the story “Fiesta 1980”, Juniot Diaz writes about a boy named Yunior who has trouble growing up in his Dominican family with an aggressive father that he grows upon. While Yunior struggles with his father, “The mask you live in” directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, discusses the current world problems in adolescence with masculinity. Notably, the author Juniot Diaz reflects his personal life in…show more content…
For example, the documentary quotes “He wears a mask, and his face grows to fit it” (George Orwell). Boys do tend to make sure that the public does not know the real person inside of them. Personally as a victim of this situation, when I was in middle school and throughout high school, I used to get bullied a lot. This led me to being the kid that wore the same clothing every day and not having that many friends. This inclined a social problem and hence, I did not talk to a lot of other kids during my adolescence. Another example the movie talked about was the fact of leadership. For instance, Dr. Judy Chu quotes, “In good times guys are like really close to each other. But when things get all a bit worse you’re on your own.”. Boys make sides or teams as kids, singling out the ones that are not as fast or as fun as the others. When this happens, they make believe that the other kid is somehow different. In effect, making the other child sad or angry. Leading to the third and final example, aggression. Once a boy has reached a certain age, they will normally stop crying when things don’t go their way. One of two things can happen, they can either lash out on whoever caused that problem, or continue to cry to a certain point where they cannot anymore. Naturally, Dr. William Pollack quotes “Boys are more likely to act out. They’re more likely to become aggressive”. When you…show more content…
When Juniot Diaz was a child, he was abused, hit, and who knows what kind of punishment he encountered. From “Nerds, Masculinity, and Art” Juniot Diaz had an interview discussing the matters of masculinity. Referring to his book, he stated that he “encountered something similar to his character Yunior as a child” and grew upon his experiences. Juniot also talks about the world of male privilege in a Latino Family. Referring to the statistic earlier, “Based on a study of a thirty-person Latino classroom, sixty percent said their parents resorted to violence when disciplining them.” This hints that majority of Latino households are all reacted the same way, violence. This matter can only be settled in the personal family business. As a child myself, I was never hit or abused in any way to hurt me physically. Some parents resort to other disciplinary matters. Either way, the Latino community has seen many way of discipline but the violent technique seems is be the more popular
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