Masculinity In Hip Hop Culture

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Manhood in western societies is pre-programmed, pre-packaged and forced-fed to boys from birth to adulthood. Historically the puriest example of a real man was the military standard. Military manliness dictates that a man must be strong, both physically and mentally, a man must be unfeeling and must be loyal to their fellow commrades. Military manhood favors the hetersexual man and believes that he should not gay or exhibit feminine behaviors if he is to be considered a real man. Above all else they must protect what is theirs, the bloodier the better. This idolized and ideal expression of masculinity is loosing much of its relavency in the ever changing and evolving modern world but, it will always have a platform in Hip- Hop culture.…show more content…
Being loyal and not desiring the company of other men sexually are ways that a man is able to perform his manhood but the true essence of being a man is to be a protector and provider. A boy or young man who joins and serves in the armed forces meets and exceeds the requirment of manhood. There is no greater honor or privilege to fight and die protecting not only one 's love one but protecting one 's nation. If dying for a country and protecting its philosophy is the ultimate measure a man worth as a true man, then military masculinity is undoubtly the path to perfect manhood. Hop Hip, while men do not go as far as to risk to lives for their country, they will do absolutely any and everything to protect their families, their brand and their money, all the things that they love most in this world. Rappers, gangster rappers mostly, make songs retelling and detailing their lives before fame. In these songs they recount time where they have risked their lives and freedom hustling to provide for their families. The rapper that rap about their struggle and their hustle have robbed, stole and killed to give their families the necessaties and desires. Many have been shot and left for dead in the process. These rappers display the same dedication when breaking into the music industry, whether that involve promotinng their name and brand or increasing their money flow. The Hip Hop man 's methods of providing and protect what is theirs is not different from the action of the Military man protecting his country. Both men place themselves in danger to ensure the safety of their loves and livelihood. Both men will shed the blood of their enemy if needed and take comfort in knowing that they killed to save others. Where the Hip Hop man deters from his noble cause is when his actions become excessive. Men in the hip hop industry will allow ego to cloud their judgment and their protect and provide mission will be tainted by pride, causing them to be over zealous. Such
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