Masculinity In Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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Masculinity could be displayed in multiple ways throughout generations. However, in most cases, masculine men are mostly perceived as active or powerful, while women have to be passive and supportive of men ideas and decisions. A Raisin in the Sun demonstrates these ideas into a play, written by Lorraine Hansberry, and is about an African American family, where each individual attempts to achieve their own goal in life. Lena (Mama) Younger is the mother of Walter and Beneatha Younger, who receives the check of $10,000 to spend after her husband's death. She is the backbone of the family and strengthens the family’s relationship throughout the play. Walter Lee Younger the “man” of the family faces multiple obstacles to achieve his goal of buying a liquor store… but to achieve this goal he has to argue his way through the family and investigates what he believes is masculine in 1950’s America. Ruth Younger, Walter’s wife, is a typical housewife during the 1950’s. She cleans the house, makes breakfast, and supports her husband. Ruth’s aspirations are kept to herself and she is sometimes hindered by Walter’s dreams. Finally, Beneatha Younger, the “defiant” one of the family, clashes against society norms and against her brother in hopes of achieving her dreams. She wants to become a female African American doctor during the 1950’s.…show more content…
His beliefs of masculinity also developed throughout the play. In the beginning, towards the middle of the play, he believed that men should be in control and have women support the judgement of men. He was an immature, ignorant, and sexist character, who only made up his lack of self-esteem by degrading others and making them feel down. Towards the end of the play, he flourished into what a man should be. He stood up to what was right, and therefore lies what masculinity is. Not being powerful or sexist, but being capable of change. A change to one’s
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